Guide to switching broadband in UK

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If you are not satisfied with your current broadband provider than this article will help you to make a wise decision on switching.

First - talk to your current provider

Nowadays the market has become more competitive and this has made the companies to work harder to keep their customers. You can just talk to your current provider and ask for a better deal. The problem is likely to be sorted out. Broadband costs are continually falling and speeds increasing. It is likely that the current provider will be willing to offer you the latest deal if asked.

New Rules by Ofcom on switching

From June 2015 the process for switching has been made even easier. There is no longer a requirement for a MAC Code from your existing supplier. You can simply contact your new provider and they will deal with everything.

Basic requirements for switching

Ensure that you are free of your contract obligations or you may incur a cancellation fee. Sometimes the new deal offered by the new provider will make it worth your while to pay this fee. Call your existing supplier and ask them how much it would cost to cancel your contract.

Verify the details of your warranty. Sometimes an existing supplier has changed the terms of your package against the terms in your original contract. This could make the contract void and you will be free to move at no fee. Check your contract and see if the terms are still applicable.

Take a note of every problem and keep it safe

Whenever you experience a problem with your current service, make sure that you keep a record. Take a screen grab of the error message or maintain a detailed written log. Also maintain a diary of calls made to customer services with details of the person contacted and the duration of interaction. If you make calls, please note that the calls made to premium or 0870 numbers can be expensive. The calls made to customer service centres can range from free, up to £1 a minute, so check first and keep your phone bills as a record of the total call charges. You can use this as evidence if you want to cancel the provider even when you are within your minimum contract period.

Contact Otelo or Ofcom and report your problems

If you cannot resolve your issues with the ISP then you are free to write to the Otelo, ombudsman of the office of the telecommunications, when you come across trouble with the existing service provider. The service is free for the general public and the expenses will go to the supplier. Hence you will be taken seriously if you involve the ombudsman. Even if the supplier is not a member of Otelo, you can still write to Ofcom, who are the independent regulators in UK. Always make it a regular practice to send a copy of your complaints to Ofcom or the ombudsman to the head of customer services of your supplier. The customer services may then resolve the issue quicker than the formal complaint from Ofcom/Otelo is processed.

Go to media, if you are helpless

If you feel that you are helpless there is a way to approach media involved. You may like to contact some advisers on broadband services like SimplifyDigital (0800 531 6395) who may help you in this direction.

Be careful on hidden costs

Now the broadband providers have brought their headline prices to an all-time low. Wherever you look around you’re surrounded by offers of free broadband and free line rental - you can even get free laptops and games consoles when you sign up to one of a new breed of super-long broadband contracts. But be careful lest you will end up paying far more than expected.

It is advisable to thoroughly verify the new offers to which you want to switch. There may be hidden costs. For example if you opt for a cheap or “free” broadband deal, it is just possible that the offer might have limited download facility. If you need large downloads frequently, then the payments may exceed your present rates with the current provider. Hence take in to account the quality of service you will be getting from the new provider and analyse the offer with that of the current provider..

Better to do a research of different services

It is not only the cheap monthly charge, when it comes to broadband, but also there are many other factors that affect the total cost. So make sure that you do your own research and read customer reviews before entering in to a new contract. Use the broadband comparison services available in the internet to make a list of all the service providers available in your area. Read the individual package deals of the providers that will enable you to locate a most favourable provider.