Dealing with a “tag” on Phone Line

Some customers are being prevented from getting broadband because they have a “tag” or a “marker” on their ADSL line. This can occur when you have recently moved or you want to re-connect to broadband in your existing address.

What is “tag”?

In the growing competitive broadband market people go for cheaper packages and switch providers. In the switching process some people end up with tagged lines. This happens when the previous ISP hasn’t been fully removed from the line. This may happen when the previous contract is not fully cancelled or the wholesaler (BT Wholesale) didn’t remove the ISP properly.

Actions to be taken by users when facing a “tag”.

If this is not removed within 20 days then you have the right to contact BT Wholesale directly. BT Wholesale doesn’t usually deal with members of the public directly, but, since the tagging problems are faced by increasing numbers of people, Ofcom has arranged with BT Wholesale to deal such problems directly with the public. You can contact BT Wholesale on 0800 169 0934.

You have to keep a record of all calls, e-mails or letters that you have sent to your ISP. It is always better to write to your ISP with full details of your name, address phone number and customer ID or account number. By doing so, you can forward any correspondence to BT Wholesale as proof and explain to them that you have tried to resolve the problem yourself before contacting them.