What is a MAC code?

  • You use MAC code to switch broadband providers without a downtime on your internet connection.
  • MAC Is abbreviation for Migration Access Code and is 17-18 digit alphanumeric code.

How to get MAC code?

  • You need to call your broadband provider to get your MAC code - use the number listed below

Enter your postcode to see the packages available at your address.

Current provider:

New provider:

Your postcode:
Please enter a valid post code to see available packages at your address.

More on how to request a MAC code over the phone

Call your broadband provider to get MAC Code

Here you can see contact phone numbers where you can request a MAC Code.
AOL 0844 499 5555
How to get AOL MAC code

BE 0808 234 8566
How to get BE MAC code

BT 0800 328 6738
How to get BT MAC code

Demon 0845 272 2333
How to get Demon MAC code

Direct Save Telecom
How to get Direct Save Telecom MAC code

Eclipse 07392 333301
How to get Eclipse MAC code

EE 0844 873 8586
How to get EE MAC code

Madasafish 0845 140 6002
How to get Madasafish MAC code

O2 0800 230 0202
How to get O2 MAC code

Pipex 0871 222 6366
How to get Pipex MAC code

PlusNet 0845 140 0200
How to get PlusNet MAC code

Post Office 0845 6003210
How to get Post Office MAC code

Primus 0800 036 3839
How to get Primus MAC code

Sky 0844 2410515
How to get Sky MAC code

How to get T-Mobile MAC code

TalkTalk 0870 444 1820
How to get TalkTalk MAC code

How to get Tariam MAC code

How to get Three MAC code

Tiscali 0845 077 4488
How to get Tiscali MAC code

UK Online 0800 053 2222
How to get UK Online MAC code

Virgin ADSL 0800 952 2044
How to get Virgin ADSL MAC code

Virgin Cable 0845 045 0709
How to get Virgin Cable MAC code

How to get Vodafone MAC code

Zen 0845 058 9000
How to get Zen MAC code